Cleanroom Protocols

Cleanroom Protocols

**All laboratory personnel must have permission from the lab manager before entering the cleanroom for the first time.**

The cleanroom in our laboratory is divided into two sections, a class 10,000 room and a class 100 room, with a gowning room in the middle. The number designates the number of particles of a particular size present in a defined volume of air. The lower the number, the cleaner the air, and the more stringent the conditions for entering the room to keep the air clean. As most of the particles found in air originate from human bodies (i.e. dead skin cells), clothing which entraps such particles, keeping them out of the air, is worn in these rooms. Make-up also produces significant numbers of particles so make-up should not be worn on days in which you will be entering the cleanroom. As the air in the cleanroom is recirculated to reduce the cleaning load of the filters, thus perfumes or after shave should also not be worn on days when you will be entering the cleanroom.

In addition to humans, paper and cardboard generate significant amounts of particles, as do ball point pens and pencils. For this reason, only notebooks specific for the cleanroom environment are allowed in the cleanrooms, and specific pens, that do not generate particles, are kept in the cleanroom. Cotton and other types of material are know to generate fiber particles during their use, thus lint-free/fiber-free wipers specific for cleanroom use are also purchased for use only in the cleanroom. Moving things into and out of the cleanroom is also a significant source of particles. Things being taken into the cleanroom should be thoroughly wiped to remove any dust particles before they are taken into the room.

Required for the Class 10,000 Cleanroom:

1) Hairnet

2) Facemask

3) Booties

4) Gloves

*Be sure to step on the sticky paper before putting on the booties (This helps to remove big particles from your shoes).

**If the sticky paper is no longer sticky, please pull the numbered tab to reveal a fresh sticky pad.

Required for the Class 100 Cleanroom:

1) Coveralls

2) Hood

3) Outer boots

4) Second pair of gloves (especially if working with HF)

*Once again, be sure to step on the sticky pad before entering.

Required when using HF

1) Goggles (NOT safety glasses)

2) Latex gloves

*Do NOT use HF if you are the only person in lab. We use the buddy system for HF etching because of the hazards associated with it.